Challenge Criterium Seta Tubulars

The Challenge Criterium Seta Tubular is a new version of the old Clement Criterium Seta and is the type of tire that many people aspire to use but never quite make it. This is a tire that you will be sure to have on your bike when the next big race rolls around.

Take a look at the Criterium Seta to appreciate what a quality tubular tire looks like. This tire might cost a bit more but if you are looking for the best possible performance tire then this is probably the right choice.

Challenge Seta Extra Tubular

This is a handmade tire made by a company that is still extremely careful about the products that are produced.

The tires are made by hand and the tread is glued onto the casing ensuring there is no deformity when it is being pumped.

The tire is extremely supple so the cornering will be much better and a more comfortable ride.

The casing is made from silk, a strong but light weight fibre ensuring that the casing is thin and supple.

This will result in the tire deforming as it comes in contact with the road providing better grip and added resistance from items that may potentially cause a flat tire.

You can expect to get a smooth ride from a set of Seta tubular from a company with a strong history of racing behind it.

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