Challenge Grifo XS Cyclocross Tubular

Challenge Grifo Tubular 34c

Take a look at the Challenge Grifo XS tubular for cyclocross riding in either 700x32c or 700x34c.

The Challenge Grifo XS Cyclocross Tubulars are available in either 32mm or 34mm and is a great tire on the pavement, packed dirt or grass.

Both the 32mm and the 34mm use the same tread pattern and are terrific for cornering on grass and particularly in wet grass.

The cleat on the shoulder provides you with added grip and allows you to make your tight corners with confidence.

The 34mm tire floats quite nicely over sand and bumps however it appears to be too tall when compared with its width.

This is a good tire for just about all ‘cross terrains apart from the deep mud.In order to reduce the instance of puncturing the Challenge tires are made with a feature called PPS (Puncture Protection System) a system of reinforcement behind the tread.

As far as Cyclocross tubular go these are some of the best value for money tires you will find. Great handling capabilities make a great cross tire and that is what you get with the Grifo tubular.

As well as the more traditional black tire the Challenge Grifo XS tubular cyclocross tire is also available in a white tread.

The white is a softer rubber compound and is more suited to riding on the snow and ice and has a black protected sidewall. As well as being more suited to the icy conditions it will perform well on grass courses too.

If you are making your decision based on price, ride quality and performance you will find that the Grifo will provide you with an outstanding tire that meets all of the necessary high standards that you have to meet.

A good cyclocross tire has to be able to corner hard and float over rough terrain and the Grifo does this.