Fizik Versus Saddles

Fizik’s three most popular saddles are Aliante, Antares and Arione and the company has produced a spin-off range that is known as the Versus range.

These saddles have been created with the same dimensions but there is the addition of a “negative space” AKA channel.

What this mens is that the Versus saddles make use of thick foam to provide extra padding while still maintaining the shape of the standard Fizik saddles.

The Fizik saddles are not constructed with any holes or cut outs because the company believes holes in the saddle would reduce the integrity of the shell.

You would experience flex and sag due to the cut out area of the saddle while the pressure relief area of the Versus design provides you with the best ergonomic design possible.

The channel added in the Versus saddles not only provides pressure relief down the length of the saddle but it also improves the airflow.

Fizik Arione VS Saddle

Fizik Arione Versus Saddle

So that there is room for the channel to be added to the saddle there is a build up of foam but this doesn’t add terribly much more weight to the saddle. The dimensions of the Arione is 300mm long and 132mm at its widest.

Fizik Antares VS Saddle

Fizik Antares Versus Saddle

The Fizik Antares saddle is flat like the Arione but is wider, which makes it similar to the Aliante in that respect. In other words the Antares fits in the middle of the Arione and the Aliante in dimensions. The dimensions of the Antares is 274mm long and 142mm at it’s widest.

Fizik Aliante VS Saddle

Fizik Aliante Versus Saddle

The Fizik Aliante is the widest of the three Versus saddles and also features the same negative space channel of the other saddles. The K:ium rails that feature on the Versus saddles means that there is a weight reduction in the saddle to the standard Aliante and it also provides better vibration absorption. The dimensions of the Aliante is 265mm long and 142mm at its widest.

The creation of these saddles is in response to the need to appeal to a wider range of cyclists. There have been calls for a pressure relief zone with these popular Spine Concept saddles and this is the result.

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