Introducing the Selle Italia Bicycle Saddle


Selle Italia

In actual fact, the Selle Italia bicycle saddle needs no introduction – not for those who have had anything to do with cycling for any length of time.

But for the purposes of getting to know the brand a little better and as a means of starting off a brief series of articles about the company and the saddles it has produced, the following little summary should prove to be a good starting point as we dig into the extensive range of saddles produced by the company.

With well over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing the ideal bicycle saddle Selle Italia is one of the leaders when it comes to both innovation and production in the cycling industry.

The saddles are not only high performance pieces of equipment that are added to the bike but they are also the result of countless hours spent in the design and innovation phase.

While the saddles may be incredibly advanced technologically they retain the traditional look which makes the purists comfortable when it comes time to place one on the bike.

Compare this to some of the weird and wonderful new designs that have been developed from other manufacturers, some of which a good percentage of cyclists won’t touch just because of aesthetic reasons alone.

Features such as the use of materials like titanium and carbon to provide weight savings while maintaining and even increasing durability in rails were vital to the company’s growth.

Comfort features such as gel inserts, varying padding thicknesses and active saddle suspension were conceived and continually improved through the years, too.

The first shock absorbing system was patented by Selle Italia. This system involved 3 integrated shock absorber elastomer pads that are positioned at vital contact points between saddle rail and shell. This system has been integral to the way in which Selle Italia saddles have been made ever since.

Selle Italia FIlte SLR Saddle

The Flite design was another key development that introduced the extreme lightweight saddles that were to come.

The Flite saddle was the first saddle to weigh in at less than 200 grams and when it was first introduced was slimmer than other saddles giving it a slimmer profile and reduced friction surface. This saddle design started a new revolution in the design of the modern bicycle saddle and other companies raced to keep up.

These days the Selle Italia saddles are continuing to lead the field in innovation and design features. From the cut-out features of the Flow and Superflow saddles to the revolutionary seatpost design known as the Monolink.