ISM Adamo Road Saddle

The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is a competition saddle that makes it possible for the racing cyclist to get support while they are in the aero position.

It’s primary aim is to support the weight of the rider while still ensuring that blood flow is not restricted around the top of the legs.

The Adamo saddle provides the most comfort and support when the rider is in the forward position trying to gain the greatest aerodynamic advantage. Take a look at the saddles for sale below.

ISM Adamo Road Saddle Black

The ISM Adamo Road Saddle measures just over 240mm in length which is the minimum allowable saddle length according to UCI regulations.

The way the saddle is positioned, the wings are placed further forward compared to other saddles, in fact up to 7cm further forward.

The nose of the saddle is quite distinctive because it is actually split into two to effectively create a cut-out area in the vital place. The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is available in Black or White.

It has lightweight chromoly steel rails and measures 245 x 135mm. The rails have a 75mm flat section to allows a great range of fore and aft adjustment.