Origin-8 Pro Road Saddles

The Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle has a classic size and shape for great feel on the road.

The seat is filled with a gel foam material to provide general comfort and that comfort is increased with an ergonomic relief center section.

The distinctive feature that makes the Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle something special is the range of colors that it is available in.

Choose from the following color choices when deciding on an Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle for sale: black, blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow.

Origin-8 Pro Road Saddles

This is a cushioned road bike saddle that will feel quite hard to begin with until you have become accustomed to it.

Those who have only used particularly soft saddles will have a little more difficulty in making the adjustment but after only a few rides it should begin feeling comfortable.

Those who have bought the white saddle have found that it stains very easily. After only a few rides using it the color from the shorts has changed the color of the saddle from its original white to a blue color.

Using one of the brighter colors such as the fluoro green or the red will help to breathe some life into the look of the bike as a whole. There is really nothing different from one color saddle to the next apart from the changed appearance it gives the bike.

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