Planet Bike ARS Anatomic Relief Saddle

For those who are looking for a seat to provide comfort and stability over the long hours of standard road riding it should be worth considering the Planet Bike ARS Anatomic Relief Saddle.

The saddle is available in a variety of different models but available for sale below is the classic model for either men or women.

Planet Bike ARS Womens

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Planet Bike ARS Men

Planet Bike Women A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

The Planet Bike ARS Anatomic Saddles are built with the comfort of the rider in the foremost of the mind.

The saddle has been designed with a recessed centre along the length of the seat and a super soft padding material with a flex-support base. Everything about the design of the seat aims to provide a maximum of comfort for the behind of the rider.

Another positive note for the saddle is the price which starts at below $30.00 for some models. This puts the saddle into the price range of all riders.

The dimensions of the saddle are 6.5” wide x 10.5” long for the men’s and 6.25” wide x 9.5” long for the women’s.

The ARS saddles are available in men’s and women’s versions where there are some slight variations in the positioning of the cushioning and the size of the saddle changes fractionally.

People who buy the Planet Bike ARS Anatomic Saddle are looking to relieve the pain experienced through sitting on a seat that applies pressure to sensitive parts of the body.

The design of the seat aims to remove any pressure from the most sensitive parts and redistribute it to areas that are a little tougher.

Those who have had problems with the saddle have complained about the neck which is slightly wider than what might be considered normal making it uncomfortable to the point where aching pain was experienced.

This pain is most likely to be felt in the back of the thighs to the point where saddle sores might develop. However, these experiences are the exception of what most people have reported.

The saddles that are displayed above are the classic Planet Bike A.R.S Saddles. There are more available in the range so click on the following link to view the list of Planet Bike A.R.S Saddles available for sale.

The other saddles that are available are the 5018, 5019, 5020, 5021, 5022 and 5023 models that are all equipped with gel support within the padding section of the seat.