Planet Bike Blinky 3 LED Rear Bicycle Light

Featured here is one of the best value for money rear bicycle lights on the market. The Blinky 3 by Planet Bike is rated at around 300 percent brighter than comparable rear bicycle lights, which means that it is far more likely to be seen. As you can see from the image below, the light is a nice, compact shape that consists of 3 red eXtreme LEDs as well as a parabolic reflector.

Planet Bike Blinky 3 Rear Light

Light Features

  • The light has two settings: steady and blinking.
  • The light runs on 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Life span of the batteries is expected to be 200 hours.
  • Two mounting options – large mounting clip for the seat post and small mounting clip for the side strut.
  • The price is one of the best available at under $10.00 in many stores.

If you are planning on mounting the light on your seat post, which is the spot where it will provide the greatest visibility, ensure your style of post is not too wide for the light’s mounting.

Your alternative option of mounting on the side strut may leave the light too low for significant visibility, however you may be satisfied with clipping the light to a piece of your clothing or a backpack if you carry one.