Shimano SH56 Cleat Set

These multi-directional release cleats will allow your foot to be released with a twist or a quick roll to either the left or the right ensuring quick release every time.

They will release with considerable upward force too so that your chances of toppling over with both feet still clipped in is minimized.

Buy these sturdy steel cleats that are compatible with all SPD pedals with confidence that they will provide you with trouble-free cycling.

Shimano SH56 SPD Cleats

These cleats are very similar to the single directional SH51 cleats apart from the fact that they are multi-directional making them even easier to exit the pedals and they will suit all types of riders from the novice looking to quickly disengage to the aggressive trail rider who may need the advantage of a fast release.

You can be sure that when you need to release in an emergency the multi-release cleats will allow the feet to come out every time.

Some riders may be concerned that these multi-release cleats may allow the foot to become disengaged from the pedals too easily but they should be assured that the cleats will remain locked into the pedals until required to release.

Once you ride with a pair of Shimano SH56 Multi-Directional Cleats you won’t want to use anything else.