Tioga Spyder Carbonite Twin Tail Saddle

Tioga has made further use of its SpyderWeb technology by taking the basic Spyder saddle and placing strategic cut-outs in the shell to allow for greater flex absorption.

The performance of the Twin Tail saddle is enhanced by the creation of this split rear design to allow for greater independence when it comes to left/right side movement.

Riders who love the pared-down look and feel of the Tioga Spyder but is looking for a more flexible feeling should browse through these Tioga Spyder Twin Tail saddles for sale.

The saddle features includes the shell which is constructed of carbonite composite and hollow composite rail which provides more shock absorption. The dimensions of the saddle measure 285mm (L) x 130mm (W).

The web design of the saddle flexes and provides the necessary padding to ensure a smooth ride for the rider.

This has been enhanced by the inclusion of the tail cut-outs that will add to the comfort features of the Tioga.