XLC Alloy MTB Trekking Dual Sided Pedal Clipless 1 Side Cage Other

Here is a set of pedals that give you the versatility of riding in your cleats or with a pair of running shoes on.

The XLC Alloy MTB Trekking Dual Sided Pedals are extremely good value for money, one of the cheapest dual purpose mountain biking pedals on the market. These pedals are available to buy right now. As you can see from the photo below these pedals are sleek and stylish and they perform the job they were designed for.

These pedals are extremely versatile because you can use them with cleats on one side which allows you to clip in, or if you just want to jump on the bike for a quick ride in sneakers you can turn them over for use on the flat side.

The pedals can be installed very easily and you will find that once they are on the bike clipping in is simple and there are no problems with flipping the pedal over to use as a flat surface pedal.

The pedals are made from aluminum with a CroMo axle.

Be aware that the cleats are provided with these pedals so you don’t have to buy them separately. The only hint that you get that this is the case is the mention that the pedals are Shimano SPD compatible. This is also mentioned by a number of the reviewers.