Introducing the Selle Italia Bicycle Saddle

Selle Italia LogoIn actual fact, the Selle Italia bicycle saddle needs no introduction – not for those who have had anything to do with cycling for any length of time. But for the purposes of getting to know the brand a little better and as a means of starting off a brief series of articles about the company and the saddles it has produced, the following little summary should prove to be a good starting point as we dig into the extensive range of saddles produced by the company.

With well over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing the ideal bicycle saddle Selle Italia is one of the leaders when it comes to both innovation and production in the cycling industry. The saddles are not only high performance pieces of equipment that are added to the bike but they are also the result of countless hours spent in the design and innovation phase.

While the saddles may be incredibly advanced technologically they retain the traditional look which makes the purists comfortable when it comes time to place one on the bike. Compare this to some of the weird and wonderful new designs that have been developed from other manufacturers, some of which a good percentage of cyclists won’t touch just because of aesthetic reasons alone.

Selle Italia SLRFeatures such as the use of materials like titanium and carbon to provide weight savings while maintaining and even increasing durability in rails were vital to the company’s growth. Comfort features such as gel inserts, varying padding thicknesses and active saddle suspension were conceived and continually improved through the years, too.

The first shock absorbing system was patented by Selle Italia. This system involved 3 integrated shock absorber elastomer pads that are positioned at vital contact points between saddle rail and shell. This system has been integral to the way in which Selle Italia saddles have been made ever since.

The Flite design was another key development that introduced the extreme lightweight saddles that were to come. The Flite saddle was the first saddle to weigh in at less than 200 grams and when it was first introduced was slimmer than other saddles giving it a slimmer profile and reduced friction surface. This saddle design started a new revolution in the design of the modern bicycle saddle and other companies raced to keep up.

These days the Selle Italia saddles are continuing to lead the field in innovation and design features. From the cut-out features of the Flow and Superflow saddles to the revolutionary seatpost design known as the Monolink.

A good resource that dispalys many of the saddles in the Selle Italia range plus many of the saddle features can be found at The Bicycle Saddlery.

FSA Gossamer MegaExo Crankset

The FSA Gossamer MegaExo Crankset is a straightforward crankset that will provide you with easy installation and a smooth transition without providing any thing too flash.

Rather than having hollow or carbon crank arms they are made from cold forged aluminium and while it makes them strong and stiff, it also adds to the weight. The aluminium means they have more flex than what you will experience with a higher end crank. The FSA Gossamer MegaExo crank has a monocoque design in the spider and crankarms, with AL7075 100% CNC machined chainrings.

Buy the FSA Gossamer MegaExo Crankset

  Manufacturer:FSA (Full Speed Ahead)Product Features

Cold forged aluminum crankarms

Arm lengths: 170, 172.5 or 175mm

Integrated MegaExo BB

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The included MegaExo bottom bracket has oversized cartridge bearings with alloy external bearing cups.

The crankset is available with arm lengths of 170, 172.5 or 175mm.


Integrated MegaExo BB
Monocoque crankarm/spider
Precision CNC machined 7075/T6 chainrings, ramped and pinned for perfect shifting
AL7075 Torx T-30 alloy chainring bolts
MegaExo oversize cartridge bearings
Oversize splined integrated chromoly BB Axle
MegaExo alloy bearing cups
9/16” spindle
BB Cups - BC-1.37" x 68mm
Length 170, 172.5, or 175mm
Q-Factor: 147mm
110mm Bolt Circle Diameter
Chainrings - standard gearing (STD) 53x39 or compact gearing (COM) 50x34
960g with BB.

Planet Bike Blinky 3 LED Rear Bicycle Light

Featured here is one of the best value for money rear bicycle lights on the market. The Blinky 3 by Planet Bike is rated at around 300 percent brighter than comparable rear bicycle lights, which means that it is far more likely to be seen. As you can see from the image below, the light is a nice, compact shape that consists of 3 red eXtreme LEDs as well as a parabolic reflector.

The Planet Bike Blinky 3 bicycle light is available at Amazon and if you want to find out what customers have been saying about it there is a link you can follow.

Planet Bike Blinky 3 LED Rear Bicycle Light For Sale

Buy a Planet Blinky 3 LED Rear Bicycle Light
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Light Features

The light has two settings: steady and blinking.

The light runs on 2 x AAA batteries.

Life span of the batteries is expected to be 200 hours.

Two mounting options – large mounting clip for the seat post and small mounting clip for the side strut.

The price is one of the best available at under $10.00 in many stores.

Read reviews of the light here

If you are planning on mounting the light on your seat post, which is the spot where it will provide the greatest visibility, ensure your style of post is not too wide for the light’s mounting. Your alternative option of mounting on the side strut may leave the light too low for significant visibility, however you may be satisfied with clipping the light to a piece of your clothing or a backpack if you carry one.

Blue Cranksets For Sale

You can color your bike in any way you seem fit and as long as the product provides you with the kind of performance you are looking for a blue crankset can provide your bike with a significant look. There are a number of different crankset manufacturers who have produced blue cranksets. Browse the selection displayed below and select any of them to get more details as well as buying information.

Buy A Blue Crankset

Track Action Pro Crankset
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Origin 8 Single Speed Crankset 165mm
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Sugino RD Messenger Crankset - 165mm
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Race Face Atlas AM Crank
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Make your distinctive mark out on the road with a set of ice blue cranks. The cranksets offered for sale above represent a range of different price brackets and although the specific products are indicated with a certain size, they are available in a number of sizes. Select a crankset to view all sizes available.

Shimano Ultegra Crankset FC-6500

The Shimano Ultegra FC-6500 crankset provides a nice stiff crank in a lightweight configuration that provides a stiffness that all riders crave. Get great responsiveness and dependabilty at a reasonable price from a company that you can trust. Take a look at the Shimano Ultegra FC-6500 for sale below.

Buy the Shimano Ultegra FC-6500 Crankset


Manufacturer : Shimano

Teeth : 53T / 39T

Product Features

Tunnel forged aluminum crankarms

Super-Rigid Over-size Pipe Billet BB Spindle

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Product Description

The Shimano Ultegra FC-6500 crankset is a 9 speed crank featuring nickel-plated SG-X chainrings that looks great with a size that suits the frame. It has a quietness and smooth operation that will be appreciated by riders of all strengths and experience. It is easy to install making it a breeze to replace your old crankset.

For plenty of forward thrust for a minimum of work the Shimano Ultegra FC-6500 is certainly a crankset that will get you where you are going fast.

Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

This is a solid mountain biking saddle that still features a long nose to assist on the climb. This is a saddle that has been designed to withstand the long distance rides. It is essentially a standard Gobi with a bit of added protection. The Fizik Gobi Muzzle is available to buy here or you can find further details about the saddle.

Buy A Fi’zi:k Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

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Manufacturer: Fi’zi:k

Cover: Microtex

Rails: Manganese

Weight: 255g

Product Description

The Fi’zi:k Gobi XM Muzzle saddle is an updated product that has been added some protection to the rear of the seat. This protection comes in the form of a rubber guard that attaches around the back of the saddle to avoid it from getting torn or frayed through repeated use or during bike falls. At this stage it looks as though those who already own a Gobi XM won’t be able to simply buy a scuff guard to add to their own saddle because they are not sold separately.

The saddle is designed with thigh glides to keep the cadence smooth and manganese rails ensure minimal weight. The mid section of the saddle is flexible to provide less restricted pedalling. This is the Fi’zi:k Wing Flex at work and is one of the reasons that this is a solid long distance performer. The Wing Flex allows the shell to flex downward when the inner thigh makes contact with the saddle.

Saddle specs: cover – black microtex, shell – carbon reinforced nylon, rails – manganese, weight – 255g, scuff guard – yes.

WTB Speed V Progel Bicycle Saddle For Sale

If the comfort of your behind is of primary importance to you when you are out on a ride then you are likely going to find the WTB Speed V Progel Bicycle Saddle very interesting. This is one of the types of saddles that has been made a little heavier to provide the greatest comfort in a seat as possible.

Buy A WTB Speed V Progel Bicycle Saddle

Click the image or the links to get more information about this saddle.

Product Details

Soft elastomer shell with comfort zone to ease pressure on the perineal area.

This is a saddle with a clearly defined padded area that has been padded with a Pro-Gel silicone compound to ease bone pressure points.

The nose of the saddle has been abbreviated and the center drops a few millimetres. The rear of the seat widens to provide additional support.

The saddle still feels firm enough to provide you with solid support without the unwanted squishy feeling.

Hollow chromoly rails

Dimensions: 147mm wide x 269mm long

This saddle weighs a little more than other comparable saddles but the added comfort that is provided more than makes up for it.

Single Speed Cranksets For Sale

The most important part of the bike is the part that gets the bike moving – the crankset. The speed that you are capable of going will be determined by the quality of your crankset, the size of the crank and the number of teeth it comprises. Fixed gear bikes will perform better with a shorter crank enabling a faster cadence.

Listed below are some of the most popular single speed 170mm cranksets available for sale. Select one of the displayed cranksets at the top of the page to view buying details or scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find single speed crankset reviews for each product.

Buy A Single Speed Crankset

Click the image or the link below to get more information about each crankset

Sunlite Alloy Single Speed Crankset
Sunlite Alloy Single Speed Crankset – 170mm x 44T – this is the least expensive option when it comes to the single speed cranksets available for sale. It comprises a square taper and is made with steel ring construction. This is a basic crankset that will suit the needs of the novice cyclist looking to get started. The crankset is available in either silver or black.

Also available:

Sunlite Alloy Single Speed Crankset - 152mm x 32T, Silver

Origin8 Square Top Track/Single Speed Crankset
Origin8 Square Top Single Speed Crankset – 170mm x 46T – this is a forged crank that uses a 46 tooth chainring providing single speed / fixed gear use. The 103 bottom bracket gives 42mm chainline which matches most track hubs. The reports are that the finish of these cranksets have been greatly improved since the original introduction.

Also available:
Square Top Track - Silver 165mm x 46T
Square Top Track - Silver 170mm x 46T
Square Top Track - Black 175mm x 46T

TruVativ Hussefelt DH 170mm Crankset 38t
TruVativ Hussefelt DH 170mm Crankset 38T – this is a forged 1-piece AL-6061-T6 crankset that has a durable anodized finished. The chainring is black anodized AL-7075-T6 and crank bolts are included. They come with heat treated CroMoly pedal thread inserts. This is a mountain biking single speed crankset that is designed to withstand bashing and crashing.

Also available:
TruVativ Hussefelt 1.1 DH 170mm 36t Black

FSA Gimondi Track/Single-Speed Crankset
FSA Gimondi Track/Single Speed Crankset – 170mm x 42T – The chainring of the Gimondi is 48 x 3/32 and is made from anodized silver alloy with anodized black chain ring bolts. The arms are cold forged and polished. This is a classic looking track bike crankset. Although the standard look crank is the silver, it is also possible to find some colored versions as well, if purple is your color you might like the purple Gimondi.

Also available:

FSA Giomondi - 165mm x 42T

Sugino Single Speed 170mm Road 48t
Sugino Single Speed Crankset 170mm Road 48T – This is a terrific crankset for use with a 3/32” chain. The crank arm length of 170mm is one of a few available lengths that is available and the crankset BCD is 130mm.

Also available:

165mm Road 48T
172.5mm Road 48T
175mm Road 48T

All-City 612 Track Crank 170mm WHITE
All-City 612 Track Crank 170mm 46T – this is a stiff and strong track crank that will prove just as at home on the streets as it will on the velodrome. The 612 is cold forged providing a far stronger part that proves very durable. It use the JIS squre taper spindle and a color matched 46 tooth chainring.

Also available:
All-City 612 Track Crank 170mm Black
All-City 612 Track Crank 170mm Red
All-City 612 Track Crank 170mm Gold

ISM Adamo Road Saddle For Sale

The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is a competition saddle that makes it possible for the racing cyclist to get support while they are in the aero position. It’s primary aim is to support the weight of the rider while still ensuring that blood flow is not restricted around the top of the legs.

The Adamo saddle provides the most comfort and support when the rider is in the forward position trying to gain the greatest aerodynamic advantage. Take a look at the saddles for sale below.

Buy an ISM Adamo Road Saddle

Click the image or the link below to get more information about this saddle

ISM Adamo Road Saddle - Black

ISM Adamo Road Saddle - White

The ISM Adamo Road Saddle measures just over 240mm in length which is the minimum allowable saddle length according to UCI regulations. The way the saddle is positioned, the wings are placed further forward compared to other saddles, in fact up to 7cm further forward.

The nose of the saddle is quite distinctive because it is actually split into two to effectively create a cut-out area in the vital place. The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is available in Black or White. It has lightweight chromoly steel rails and measures 245 x 135mm. The rails have a 75mm flat section to allows a great range of fore and aft adjustment.

More quality road bike saddles to consider include the following: Velo Senso Miles Saddle, Specialized Romin Saddle, Fizik Versus Saddles, Tioga Spyder Saddles, Origin-8 Pro Saddle.

Origin-8 Pro Road Saddles For Sale

The Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle has a classic size and shape for great feel on the road. The seat is filled with a gel foam material to provide general comfort and that comfort is increased with an ergonomic relief center section.

The distinctive feature that makes the Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle something special is the range of colors that it is available in. Choose from the following color choices when deciding on an Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle for sale: black, blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow.

Buy an Origin-8 Pro Road Saddle

Click the image or the links below to get more information about this saddle








Dimensions : 10.7” long x 5.5” wide.

This is a cushioned road bike saddle that will feel quite hard to begin with until you have become accustomed to it. Those who have only used particularly soft saddles will have a little more difficulty in making the adjustment but after only a few rides it should begin feeling comfortable.

Those who have bought the white saddle have found that it stains very easily. After only a few rides using it the color from the shorts has changed the color of the saddle from its original white to a blue color.

Using one of the brighter colors such as the fluoro green or the red will help to breathe some life into the look of the bike as a whole. There is really nothing different from one color saddle to the next apart from the changed appearance it gives the bike.

More quality road bike saddles to consider include Velo Senso Miles Saddle, Specialized Romin Saddle, Fizik Versus Saddles, Tioga Spyder Saddles.


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