Crank Brothers Mallet Pedals

For those who like the feel of a large platform pedal the Crank Brothers Mallet pedals provide you with a solid yet lightweight platform style of pedal. These pedals are high performance clipless pedals that are both light and reliable.

These pedals are considered downhill style pedals and allow you to use as much aggression as you can muster as you work your way down the hills. The technology in the clip system is the egg beater technology which allows you easy clip-in and clip-out capabilities and the pedals perform very well in the mud providing reliable performance regardless of how much is caked on.

Take a look at the range of Crank Brothers Mallet pedals from those that are displayed below. Choose from the Crank Brothers Mallet 1, Crank Brothers Mallet 2 or the Crank Brothers Mallet 3. Click on a pedal to get more information about each model.


Crank Brothers Mallet 1 Pedals For Sale


Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals For Sale


Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Pedals For Sale

The Mallet 1 is the lowest priced pedal and comes with steel wings, Chromoly axle, aluminium body and a weight of 540g. The Mallet 2 and Mallet 3 pedals are also aluminium bodied pedals but have been machined down to reduce the weight. The Mallet 2 weighs in at around 470g. The Mallet 3 comes with 6al/4v titanium wings that reduces the weight even further to somewhere around the 435g mark.

While they look like standard platform pedals they are not designed to be used with regular shoes. You need to clip in to get the proper performance that you would otherwise get with a standard platform pedal.

Some people feel that you need to service a set of Crank Brothers Mallet pedals at regular intervals, although this can sometime be up to the person using them. You will want to do a bearing/bushing service every couple of years but this is a fairly simple exercise.

Something that is often talked about when it comes to the Mallets is the amount of float that you get with them. Some people love the extra float and others dislike it. Float refers to the amount of movement your foot gets before it is released and with the Mallets that amount differs depending on the cleat you use. One cleat has a release angle set at 15 degrees and the other is at 20 degrees. You can alter the release angle by swapping the cleats from one foot to the other.

The Mallets are designed so that you will get a lot more movement of the feet before they release which some people thinks feels more natural.

The initial Crank Brothers Mallet was the Mallet C and this was followed by the introduction of the Mallet M which is a lighter bodied pedal made from magnesium. The only problem with the softer metalled magnesium Mallet was that it was susceptible to wearing both from the shoes and from the way the central spindle would rub against the sprung wings.

The newer Mallet 1, 2 and 3 pedals are now fully bushed which makes the need for servicing greatly reduced compared to the C and M.

Shimano SPD-SL Road Pedals

When looking for a good clipless pedal you want something that is easy to get into and easy to get out of. The pedal doesn’t have to look particularly special and as long as it has a little bit of style about them that is all you really need. A pair of Shimano SPD-SL Road Pedals is just the kind of pedal a serious road rider would love, especially when you consider the price.


Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals For Sale

Clipless pedals can take some getting used to, particularly if you have ridden all your life with clips. The pedals will release easily with a sideways rotation of the foot, you want them to be strong enough to keep your feet from pulling out when working hard but you want to be able to free your feet in a hurry.

Features of the SPD-WL Road Pedals include a single-sided engagement with adjustable cleat tension. Larger cleat/pedal interface to provide greater stability. Nylon resin cleats with non-slip rubber base, SPD-SL bolt.

Listed at the top of the page is a link that takes you to Amazon where you can buy this pedal at a very reasonable price. Plus you will have the security of knowing you are buying from one of the largest online retailers possible.

Just in case, here is another way you can take advantage of their offer and you can also read plenty of positive Shimano SPD-SL Road Pedal reviews

Challenge Criterium Seta Tubulars

The Challenge Criterium Seta Tubular is a new version of the old Clement Criterium Seta and is the type of tire that many people aspire to use but never quite make it. This is a tire that you will be sure to have on your bike when the next big race rolls around.

Take a look at the Criterium Seta to appreciate what a quality tubular tire looks like. This tire might cost a bit more but if you are looking for the best possible performance tire then this is probably the right choice.


This is a handmade tire made by a company that is still extremely careful about the products that are produced. The tires are made by hand and the tread is glued onto the casing ensuring there is no deformity when it is being pumped. The tire is extremely supple so the cornering will be much better and a more comfortable ride.

The casing is made from silk, a strong but light weight fibre ensuring that the casing is thin and supple. This will result in the tire deforming as it comes in contact with the road providing better grip and added resistance from items that may potentially cause a flat tire.

You can expect to get a smooth ride from a set of Seta tubular from a company with a strong history of racing behind it.

For the CycloCross riders looking for an option when deciding on tubulars you might try taking a look at the Challenge Grifo Tubulars.

Challenge Grifo XS Cyclocross Tubular

Buy the Challenge Grifo XS Tubular CycloCross bicycle tires in widths of either 32mm or 34mm for a tire that will give you high quality performance on tacky surfaces.

Challenge Grifo XS Cyclocross Tubulars For Sale


Challenge Grifo XS Tubular CycloCross 700 x 32


Challenge Grifo XS Tubular CycloCross 700 x 34

Take a look at the Challenge Grifo XS tubular for cyclocross riding in either 700x32c or 700x34c.The Challenge Grifo XS Cyclocross Tubulars are available in either 32mm or 34mm and is a great tire on the pavement, packed dirt or grass. Both the 32mm and the 34mm use the same tread pattern and are terrific for cornering on grass and particularly in wet grass. The cleat on the shoulder provides you with added grip and allows you to make your tight corners with confidence.The 34mm tire floats quite nicely over sand and bumps however it appears to be too tall when compared with its width. This is a good tire for just about all ‘cross terrains apart from the deep mud.In order to reduce the instance of puncturing the Challenge tires are made with a feature called PPS (Puncture Protection System) a system of reinforcement behind the tread.

As far as Cyclocross tubular go these are some of the best value for money tires you will find. Great handling capabilities make a great cross tire and that is what you get with the Grifo tubular.

As well as the more traditional black tire the Challenge Grifo XS tubular cyclocross tire is also available in a white tread. The white is a softer rubber compound and is more suited to riding on the snow and ice and has a black protected sidewall. As well as being more suited to the icy conditions it will perform well on grass courses too.

If you are making your decision based on price, ride quality and performance you will find that the Grifo will provide you with an outstanding tire that meets all of the necessary high standards that you have to meet. A good cyclocross tire has to be able to corner hard and float over rough terrain and the Grifo does this.

Specialized Romin Saddles

Find cheap Specialized Romin saddles for sale.

The Specialized Romin saddle is a firm road bike saddle that features the company’s patented Body Geometry design which has been developed to ensure the blood flow to sensitive areas.


This saddle is available in a number of different versions, the standard version which features lightweight chromoly rails for extra durability, the Romin SL featuring lightweight hollow titanium rails, Romin Comp Gel saddle that features gel padding that has been added to lightweight PU foam to provide added comfort on long rides, Romin Expert saddle that also features lightweight hollow titanium and tuned density PU foam padding.

There is a cut-out section that runs the length of the saddle for the Romin and this serves to alleviate pressure in the sensitive parts of the body. It differs from the Toupe in that it has a slightly curved shape. This curved shape allows a variety of positions ensuring that it is comfortable when time trialling and the up-turned rear section means that you can remain in the saddle and push back when climbing.

The Romin is available in an SL version which has hollow titanium rails and weighs 204 grams – the standard Romin is identical in shape but has hollow cromoly rails and a weighs 25 grams more.

View the list of Specialized Romin saddles for sale here

The saddle is available in 130mm,143mm & 155mm widths and three color options if you choose the Romin SL (titanium rails) of black, white or red and two color options if you choose the standard Romin in which case your choices are black or white.

You might be interested in other road bike saddles available for sale including the Fizik Versus saddles.